Benicia POA in the Community

We love sharing feel good stories. Last Saturday night while patrolling the Benicia industrial park, Corporal Kirk Keffer came across 19 year old Jourdan Duncan walking alone. Corporal Keffer contacted Jourdan and learned that he works in the industrial park until late in the evenings. Jourdan walks two hours from Vallejo to Benicia and back each day for work. Corporal Keffer offered to drive Jourdan home and Jourdan accepted.
Benicia POA Bike 1
During the ride home Jourdan shared his story. Jourdan was saving his money for college and he wants to become a CHP officer. Jourdan wasn't going to let the fact that he doesn't have a car or bike limit his ability to work and raise money for college. Walking to and from work was worth the sacrifice to make his dreams a reality. Impressed with Jourdan's work ethic and commitment to his dreams, Corporal Keffer shared Jourdan's story with the Benicia Police Officer's Association and asked if there was something we could do to help out this young man. The BPOA agreed to purchase a bicycle for Jourdan.
Benicia POA Bike2The Benicia Police Officer's Association contacted local Skate & Bicycle shop, Wheels in Motion for help. Wheels in Motion owner, Greg Andrade gave the Benicia POA a great deal and helped us purchase a bicycle, helmet, headlamp, and tune up for Jourdan.

Last night we surprised Jourdan at work and presented him with the bicycle and equipment. Keep up the hard work Jourdan!Benicia POA Bike3

Thank you Corporal Keffer for making a difference in our community and thank you Greg Andrade at Wheels in Motion for the support.